Holy Ghost Reborn

The heartbeat of WP Films is to draw people as close to the Father’s heart as possible.

While many people who watch our films have an encounter with the God of the universe, we have found that screening our films for groups of people creates a unique environment for the Holy Spirit to flow freely among God’s children.


How Does A Showing Work?

  • Register your church or venue and choose when you want to schedule your showing
  • Decide whether or not you want to purchase discounted copies of Holy Ghost Reborn
    or other WP Films for resale at your event
  • Pay your one time $30 license fee
  • Invite everyone to share in the experience with you! We highly recommend taking advantage of this as opportunity to reach out to friends, family, coworkers, neighbors etc. to invite them to your church or venue!
  • We send your copy of the film and your product 5-10 days before your event
  • Show Holy Ghost Reborn for your audience and let God do the rest!
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Why Host A Showing?

It’s only $30 – Whether you have 10 people or 1,000 people, a showing license in $30. We believe our films should be accessible to even the smallest groups. After all, small in number does not equal small in the kingdom!

Host From Anywhere! – Our main tour will only be available in the United States but you can host a showing anywhere in the world! Whether you’re in Costa Rica, Afghanistan, China, Antarctica or anywhere else you can host a showing.

Bring Your Community Together – While the Holy Spirit doesn’t need help starting a fire, the more logs the bigger the fire. We celebrate unity within the body of Christ and love to create opportunities for people to encounter God.

Raise Money – Whether you’re raising money for a new ministry or need cash for a missions trip, hosting a showing offers a unique opportunity to raise money for your cause. We offer the option to purchase WP Films at a 50% discount to resell at your event!

Evangelize – We know you are on board with Mark 16:15 like the rest of us and these events are HUGE for evangelizing. We find that inviting friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to watch a movie is often better received than asking them to come to church on Sunday morning. If you’re looking for a chance to reach new people, invite them to your showing and let God touch their heart.

Love on People – This is what it is all about. Creating an atmosphere for people to love their neighbors and worship the God of the universe.

We Post Your Event Online – Your showing will be posted on our showings map. People go to that page to search for events in their area and your event details will be listed there.

“Host at Your Own Venue” FAQ Section

When can I have my event?

What is required of me?

Are the showings restricted to the US?

Can I sell tickets at my event?

Is the film included with the license?

Am I required to sell DVDs at my event?

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Prefer to see it in movie theater instead? You’re in luck! We’ve partnered with Tugg to make Holy Ghost Reborn available in theaters all across the United States. There’s nothing quite like experiencing a WP Film in a movie theater.

“Host at a Movie Theater” FAQ Section

How does this work?

How much does it cost?

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Holy Ghost Reborn is now available on DVD and Digital Download.




We're hitting the road for a
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