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  • MC

    This film was really good, but not quite as impactful to me as the first one – however, it still motivated me to keep sharing my faith and to be spirit led as I do. After watching the film, my family went to a local hamburger restaurant and got to share about Jesus with the guy at the counter who said he loved God but had not been to church in about 2 years and instantly realized he needed to start going again! Hallelujah – the Holy Spirit at work!

  • Michael

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What could be said about music? What surprised me about Holy Ghost and Holy Ghost Reborn movies was how the Spirit would transcend what was being spoken and the drama played out on screen… For me anyway. As the music played in the background as powerful it seemed as what my eyes were seeing, I found myself closing my eyes to hear the sound of His heartbeat softly beating in perfect harmony to the music. It’s beauty drew me into His beauty which spoke even greater volume that that my natural ears and eyes were beholding on film. I wasn’t expecting this but when is the wind ever predictable.

  • JT Shifflette

    It was great to see God work and being able to see it captured on film. Thank you for following Daddy and allowing him to show himself.

  • Joshua Steffen

    The film was amazing just like the rest of the WP Films. It reached in and touched our souls.
    During worship after the movie, I was overwhelmed by the Spirit and asked to surrender everything to the Father. He showed me the things I was yet to let go of and asked me to give them to Him one at a time. He showed me my family last, and simply asked “Will you give this to me?” I replied yes and was no longer able to stand. His peace and joy swept through me like liquid love.
    My wife had her first supernatural encounter and could see and feel Jesus standing behind her.
    We were so blessed to be at Bridgeway that night.
    We are taking Holy Spirit to the street and everywhere we go here in the Knoxville, TN area.
    Thank you for such incredible films!
    Glory to God,
    Joshua Steffen
    House of Fire – Igniting the Nations in Christ

  • Whit Klein

    Hello. My name is Whit Klein. I spent three nights with God in a hospital with heart problems. Matthew 5:8. This vivid and incredible experience was the most pivotal moment in my life! I now live everyday for him. He gives me words of knowledge and amazing connections in witnessing and speading his love. I was unaware of your films until after I had that experience with God. All of the pieces of your films are truly the works of Holy Spirit. Two Holy Spirit filled people at oposite ends of the can transcend all barriers of culture and be used in concert for God’s will.
    So, I was witnessing about God’s amazing love before the film started to a couple behind me. Letting the Spirit guide the witness and the words that were spoke to this husband and wife. The wife said she has extreme pains and water retention. We prayed and layed hands. Several pieces of scripture that we disused were also in the film. This happens often. But I had to look back to see their faces. They were happy an suprised. Of course, I love when God validates his purpose by showing amazing signs and wonders to encourage to be bold with his love.
    I gave Darren a hug right after the film.
    I pray for all of the souls that made your films possible. Good bless you and keep you!
    Holy Spirit was very present. Thank all of you for sharing! That’s what we do. Share our love that he freely gives us.
    Tiny piece of God’s wondrous painting,

  • pandamonium2869

    After seeing the movie, I had to buy it to share with others. I went to a friend’s house & we watched it with another friend. We were so on fire that we started praising God. One of the ladies was in an extreme amount of pain and had been for the majority of the night. She asked that we pray for her, we thought, can it really be that simple? So we got around her, laid hands on her and prayed. We prayed twice, but her pain went from an 8 to 0! She said that she could feel things moving and “re-arranging”. For the next two hours, we sang praise songs, talked about how God had blessed us in the recent past – all the while this lady walked around the house, doing movements that she had not been able to do previously pain-free! Praise God – He is faithful and Good!

  • Alexis

    The movie was wonderful and I had an amazing experience after seeing it. Darren offered for people to pray with the audience after the movie, and I felt compelled to go pray for some family members who are struggling with medical problems. I felt led to a particular prayer team near the front and asked them to pray with me. One woman invited the presence of the Holy Spirit upon us, lightly touched my head and down I went! I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I felt glued to the floor and felt a deep weight on my body. I began to tremble (out of my control) and was on the floor like this for a long time, so I just prayed and felt the power and weight of the presence. Also, my jaw felt clenched shut, so much so that I could barely talk once I did finally get up. I had the strong sense that I was not supposed to say the prayers I had intended to because I don’t need to ask for them any longer. These matters are in the Lord’s hands and I was given a strong sense of peace that He will handle them and I need to just surrender to him. It was an amazing, powerful experience that I will never forget.

  • Aynoymous

    My husband and I went together for a date night and we throughly enjoyed the movie. The part that stood out to me is how I haven’t been seeing people through the Father’s eyes and with His heart, the stories touched me. People aren’t perfect but the Fathers love is. My husband and I have been walking through a season of recovery with his pornography addiction and the Lord set him free about a year ago. It’s been a journey of trust and faith that the Lord is able to set him free from addiction (for me). The Father is perfect and he did it in an instance. For me, it has been hard trusting the Lord that he completely broke that in my husbands life. After watching the movie, I realized I hadn’t been seeing my husband through the Father’s eyes and heart. I had been seeing him through fear and awaiting failure. I can finally say the Lord helped me forgive him and it is getting sweeter to see the Lord move in his life.

    • Cassie

      Praise God!

  • Cassie

    It is hard to put into words all that God did through the power of the Holy Spirit during the movie. Growing up I never knew the Holy Spirit, which crossed over to adulthood in the way of thinking he was weird and the acts of the Holy Spirit were some thing only crazies bought into. That was until I encountered the Holy Spirit at our church about two years ago. After that first encounter, all I wanted was the presence of God’s spirit in my life and even more so for others to encounter him in the way I did. After months and months of amazing mountain top experiences of seeing deliverance, healing and more, there was unfortunately a period of disobedience. Since then, I have been less bold in my faith and in the Holy Spirit because I felt my walk needed to be perfect before God would use me. When the movie came to our church God showed me how wrong I was. God’s miracles are not contingent upon our perfection, but solely on the blood of Jesus. As soon as I repented of those sins (which was months prior) God was able to use me. God’s love, mercy, awe and wonder never ceases to amaze. I cried the entire movie, feeling empathy for each story and also hope. How great is the love of the father that he can take so many different individuals, from so many different walks of life and so much brokenness and use it all for the glory of his name! That evening the Holy Spirit moved in so many lives. In particular a young lady who came with me to church that struggles with bi-polar and anxiety disorders. She usually has a look on her face as if she is growling at you, but after the movie her face was lit up with a bright smile and look of joy I had never seen in her before. Not only that, but she had been having pain in a tooth since having surgery on it and was constantly taking pain medications – we prayed twice and it was completely gone! Praise God for all he does. Thank you for your obedience and diligence in following the call he has placed on your lives. It is so beautiful and fulfilling to have a movie we can watch that is Holy and pure not filled with things of this world.

  • alexiskooldude

    I walked into the Vine Church in Champaing, IL last night to attend my second Daren Wilson Premier. I had come with expectations of healings, and seeing God show up, but nothing like He actually did! As soon as I walked into the Vine’s sanctuary I could feel the presence of Holy Spirit in the room. He was on me the entire movie, speaking to me through it. Relaying the words from Father into my heart. I do believe that’s what really allowed me to let go for what He had in store later in the night. As Daren was closing, he handed the stage over to Robby Dawkins. I can’t recall most of what Robby had said, only that he asked us to lift our hands if we felt Holy Spirit on us, and I did. I felt a cool, comforting light breeze sensation coming over my hands and partially down my forearms; this was something I’ve felt before, but not with this intensity. Then, Robby did the alter call. As soon as he asked people to come up I went forward and immediately knew God was doing something big! All I really remember is the presence of God getting stronger and stronger on me until I finally received the baptism of Holy Spirit! I was so excited! So humbled! I’ve been praying to receive this for a very long time and God decided I was finally ready!

  • Marsha Crowder

    The movie was amazing but the atmosphere was electric……
    I was a backer for Holy Ghost and so that is how I knew about the Holy Ghost Reborn premiere in Nashville Tn at Rocketown, we brought an additional 21 people with us, 12 from Kentucky and another 9 from The Cookery in Nashville (great place to eat and a wonderful program). Once the movie started there was this burning that came over my arms and hands, I had laid my hand on the lady beside me and began to pray – the Holy Spirit revealed some things and a grid for how He wanted healing to move that night. So after the movie I gathered another 4 ladies, myself and the one who sat next to me and we began to pray and as Holy Spirit led, love had Its Way – release and healing came.
    The atmosphere was definitely electrified…

    Thank you

    • Maggie Britt Leo

      so cool Marsha!! I was there that night too and I agree, it was ELECTRIC and tangible, the Prescence, I mean!!

  • Caitlin

    As soon as I got the movie in the mail I was set on watching it in its entirety before I had to go to a worship night with a group of people. As I was watching protest scene I was overwhelmed with the reality of “This is who we are! No fear only love!” Holy Spirit then spoke to my heart saying “let’s go for a walk then!” Because I was dead set on finishing the movie I ignored it! Then my dog started going bonkers just like he does when he really needs to go for a walk. Taking it as Holy Spirit now talking to my dog… I obeyed. I live in the hood. So when I go walking it’s always interesting. But as I was walking God specifically told me to go down a rather shady street. As I was approaching a highly likely drug house a couple of women came out to sit on the steps. They were yelling to the group of young men who were following right behind me about when they were going to fight someone. Chaos erupted with cars stopping people screaming across the street. As that was taking place two men who were obviously drug dealers came out of the house and I approached them. I saw them through God’s love and started to prophesy over the first one. Nailed it. I told the man as I reached for his hand “I must pray for you!” He allowed it and thanked me! I then looked at his buddy who was rolling his eyes and called him out with the love of Christ. It rocked him. He was shocked. I then said “dude Holy Spirit is going to encounter you and take all this fear off of you!” I prayed. He then got in his car and drove off with a smile! I then turn my attention back to the crowd who was all watching (maybe 10 people) and raised my arms and said “anyone else want to know what God thinks of them? Anyone need healing in your bodies!? They all stunned looked at me completely quiet and shook their heads no. I saw one guy amongst the people and saw the purity in his heart and told him I front of everyone who God created him to be. A leader. A mentor. An amazing selfless friend to all. He was touched. I then told everyone as my arms once again raised “Jesus loves you guys!!!” Continued on my walk…. Went home to finish the rest of the movie!

    This life is super fun!

  • Cary Matthews

    Darren the film was great ,a very much needed topic that is far to under looked in the church world, forgive me simply because far to many of them,churchs are to busy establishing their own standerd of righteousness what was for then is for today if not more so

    Thank you and your team for opening the eyes of the hearts of do many GOD RICHLY BLESS EACH of YOU

  • Carol A Brown

    LOVED IT! Still watching the bonuses. Our only complaint is that the music was up to loud making hard to hear the talking. Very unusual for your films.
    Love what God is doing around the world. BLESSINGS on your future endeavors.

  • wisemelancholic

    This 2nd Holy Ghost movie was the one who really touched me and my family. All 3 of us watched the DVD together in the evening. From the start of the movie the H.S. worked on us gradually… I could not stop crying as I was praying together with the people praying in the movie. I did not question that this was a recording, I just went with the H.S. touching us and felt exactly what the people felt, praying for their spiritual transformation. By the end of the movie I realized just how much I was affected by this movie, encouraged and given the assurance that Our Father loves us so much more than we can ever understand:):):)

    • Maggie Britt Leo

      so cool. I love how the Lord does that…!

    • Rahab2011

      I just want to say… God is outside time and space, so… Maybe you were praying with them, in His time. Hope that makes sense.

  • Caitlin Moore

    I received the film on a Monday afternoon and as soon as I checked the mail box I brought it inside and placed it in the DVD player. I have seen the other films so I figured I would be moved but this stay at home mom wasn’t prepared to spend the rest of the day crying and being moved by the Holy Spirit as much as I was. I had been in a desert season prior and only a couple of weeks before seeing this film had I begun to reexamine my heart and ask the lord to do the same as well as declaring breakthrough. Through the desert my voice and boldness were quieted which I didn’t understand, and unfortunately at times I opened the door and allowed fear to direct. As I’m entering into the next season I know God was doing something different in the desert compared to what he had done before in previous seasons of my life. As I began to watch the film I felt that fire ignite again but in a new way. Where the self seeking I had once carried and not always realized was being dealt with. I felt awakened and convicted all at the same time, overwhelming love and grace. I felt as I was learning more about His heart through this film he was examining and healing mine.

  • Renee

    My kids and I thoroughly enjoyed the 2nd movie. Especially the time in Brazil, South Africa, and in Rome. The behind the scenes conversations were also remarkable! My kids and I believe that with God, all things are possible! And He wants to live through our lives daily. How cool and amazing! We’ve been praying for people we know who are sick or going through rough times. But it’s God that does all the work! Keep the amazing movies coming Darren and team! I believe the Lord has more awesome things ahead! In Christ

  • Derek John Ermatinger

    Loved it! best one yet! The detailed progressive view of God interacting with people was amazing! Great work team and HS!

  • Jennifer

    As always, God’s timing was perfect. I hadn’t been checking my emails and was therefore unaware this movie would be arriving. It came and I was overjoyed; the night I put it in, a friend of mine stood me up. In this season, God’s been expressing his desire to reveal himself to me as Friend, and I was clearly not prepared for the intensity of God’s presence in this film. From being rejected by this person who stood me up on this particular day, I was feeling vulnerable, and my heart was prepared to engage with the Lord. What came through these testimonies was the mighty love and faithfulness and joy of God. I admired him so dearly and felt so… proud of him haha. It was a beautiful night of friendship with my God.

    SO thankful for ya’lls faithfulness in making these films. Thank you for your obedience and adventure. Though all your films have been filled with the Holy spirit, this installment was on a different level.

  • Bri Brewster

    Hello my name is Bri and my husband’s name is Adam. We live in Des Moines, Iowa.
    We watched the film Holy Ghost Reborn and specifically we watched “The Red Carpet” story in the extended interviews section. That part has powerfully impacted our lives and in an instant renewed our minds and how we interact with folks that we encounter on the streets, or in the grocery store, or just going about our lives. While watching the film, I felt compelled to get up and pray that those longing for the love of the Father would be inexplicably drawn to Two Rivers Church. (We meet in a building we rent out called The Des Moines Social Club and it sits between the bus depot and a homeless shelter.) A week before this I met a man wandering the streets early Sunday morning and I asked Him how he was and he said, “horrible.” I asked if I could pray for him and he said no, but I just shared how much His Father God loves him and that he is more than welcome to come to Two Rivers. He walked away. Fast forward one week. My husband and I were praying for folks after church and in walks this man, weeping uncontrollably. He said that he was wandering and despondent and that he was led to Two Rivers “like magic.” He said as he was walking downtown, “my friend Bri” popped into his head and he remembered Two Rivers and how to get there. Holy Spirit moved in power and love on his life.

    I say all this to say, Nic’s vision of Jesus showing you those kids’ destiny and saying that we have to be motivated by their destiny and not their situation, completely altered our response to this man. Seeing Nic’s work in Recife impacted us in ways we can’t even fully articulate and one night years ago, I was woken up with a picture of a block party and huge banquet set up in a specific run down part of our city. Seeing how powerful the banquets are for those women has given me courage to pursue that.

  • Ajscot

    HUGE congratulations on completing yet another inspiring DVD. What a great surprise to arrive home to a mystery parcel and to open it to discover such a treat. It was quite overwhelming to receive something like this for free. When donating you never expect anything back so to receive this gift blew me away. Thanks for sharing the goodness, the greatness and the awesomeness of gods hand at work!!!

  • Sheila Dodd

    By the end of Holy Ghost Reborn we were all on our faces before Father with an overwhelming desire to know Him and be known by Him. The first film reminded us of the “greater things than these will you do in My name”. The second film left us wanting Him and His presence – to go deeper with Him.

  • Randall Eckley

    I left the movie wanting to know and be known more by Father God. We have the power and presence in us. All of us. It’s a beautiful thing.

  • Nicole McKnight

    I’ve been feeling very disconected from my church, very connected to God though, and I’ve been asking God for friends at church and Jesus friends and last night after the showing at church a group of us went down to the river and worshiped and prayed for over an hour and it was so good. God was totally there looking over us listening to our prayers and worship. I left feeling like we had a community to come back to. Praise God!!!

  • Mark

    I like the miracles that taken place. They are raw but I don’t like the parts that people bashing about other believers who are afraid of Holy Ghost. Some big words are too much for new believers. I feel like this film is more for Christians who don’t want anything to do with the Holy Spirit than just new believers who are seeking for more or seekers. I doubt they will understand what >>>”Many conservative evangelicals have what I would call a soteriological doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Here’s what that means. Soteriology refers to salvation, and they can only conceive of the Holy Spirit applying the word. He applies the preached word. He applies the Gospel.” <<<
    I like all the DVDs to be honest but I feel the first 3 films will do more good to new believers or believers who want to know more about Holy Ghost. The latest ones are more like arguements between Christians who believe in Holy Spirit than those who don't.

  • Lili Montolfo

    Hi, today I found this beautiful movie, I live in argentina and Love what you all are doing, I have recieved the Holy Spirit in my life many years ago and always sharing this with every person that I have meet, and to see this on a screen just made me cry of happiness!! Jesus is in our hearts!!! keep spreading Love everywhere!!! Lilly

  • Lili Montolfo

    Love what you guys are doing!!! I recieved the Holy Spirit years ago and haven´t stop sharing this feeling with so many people! after seeing this video I cried of joy!! thanks for so much
    Love!!! Jesus is in our hearts and it is a great feeling!!

  • Randy Moyer

    We had such a good turnout that we had two showings on back to back Fridays. The second time was better than the first time for me. Absolutely floored by the stuff I saw. Was on the verge of tears the entire movie.

  • Sandra Baker

    The movie was dynamic….not your run of the meal, faked out, unreal reality of TV. It was real people, listening to the voice of the spirit and flowing in the spirit. I was impressed with the cinematography! It blew me away. What did I glean from this? ….Jesus is not religion, He meets you where you are. The Holy ghost is supernatural, and this supernatural power lives in us and is available to those who believe. We must be open to His presence. Imagine real believers documenting the move of the Holy Spirit? It blew my mind… my natural understanding….but my spirit responded. Great film…Great God!

  • Evan Landreth

    Incredible movie! We took our kids, 10 and 6 and two of their friends to the movie showing at our church in Anderson, SC! Love seeing you guys take risks in following the Lord and allowing Holy Spirit to do something big!

  • Bart Modderkolk

    Great film, very powerful stuff! Loved the interviews with Surprise and the Kenyan ex prime minister on the Deluxe Edition. Thanks guys!

  • chris mandel

    I want to thank you for sending the advance copy which I had not expected. I am happy to report that we thoroughly enjoyed this second installation of this HG series and appreciate all the work that went into it. Thank you so much for acknowledging our support for your efforts with the listing in the credits. We were quite surprised to say the least.

    I pray that this and all your films will touch people and change their lives for the better. Your commitment to obedience to this calling is a blessing to us all! Keep up the great work for His Kingdom!

    • Braden Heckman

      Chris, you’re very welcome! Thank you so much for your support! More great things to come.

  • David Robinson

    We had a great time last night premiering the movie, I didnt get a chance to get any pics or periscope (i wanted to, but we had a great time. I closed the service with a testimony that I went to a random church in Maryland 5 years or more ago when Furious Love was released, and when the movie was over nobody knew what to do, and I knew God was tugging at my heart to pray for people, and there was even a blond man there, and I didn’t do it, and I promised I,would never miss that opportunity again, and last night we prayed for people, I,called out a word of knowledge for right ear pain and right foot, and a lady not from the church came up and was completely healed of a 30% hearing loss in her right ear, abd swelling in her left leg went completely down. There was also a wors for antacid and heartburn, which was for me and I ate taco bell last night at 10pm with no issues, Yay God. There was so much prayer for encounters and requests for boldness, we had such a good time in His presence and was so inspired and empowered by the movie to do it again Lord. Thank you so much for your hard work and listening to the Holy Spirit when he tugs on your heart. Might be a good movie title Love Tugs on Your Heart

  • Anne

    I was unable to attend the showing in Dubuque as planned last night as I was sidelined by extreme pain from endometriosis. I spent the evening fighting pain, tears, grief from a miscarriage, and looking up obgyns to consider having a radical hysterectomy to deal with the pain (I’ve had endo for 20 years, and have had 2 surgeries in the last year) and the pain only gets worse.

    My husband did go, and went up to pray for us/me. The woman he went to shared the same first name as me and she also had endometriosis. My husband texted me her prayer, and I was in bed weeping because I wanted to believe I could be healed, but I just couldn’t. We ended up going over to our pastors’ house late and getting prayed over. It was very emotional and raw…not the side of me many people see. And we went back home and went to sleep. I woke up this morning in no pain (if you know anything about endometriosis, this is a miracle in and of itself). And I “feel” healed. Something changed, and even the most skeptical side of me (I am a very logical person who struggles with faith) knows this. And I will walk daily in this. Today is a miracle for me.

  • Tricia Warncken

    WOW WOW WOW is all I can say. Brazil just has me in tears and that’s just the start. WOW to have people talk about identity, I was talking recently to someone at the bus stop “Imagine what life would be, what the world would look like if people just knew their TRUE identity and worth”, his eyes nearly poped out of his head. THEN what gets my attention the most – ALL the talk about Identity – that is a key (The other stories etc were great too btw)

  • Adriaan Hellenberg

    My wife bought this for me for my birthday. It only got to major Christian Cape Town stores last week or so I think and I’ve been wanting to watch it for a while as I’ve seen all the other documentaries (All are amazing!). This journey with the Holy spirit has inspired me to take the next leap of faith in my life to give my life to Jesus completely. Thank you. Everybody on this documentary is a blessing. INSPIRED!!!!

  • Maggie Britt Leo

    I watched Holy Ghost Reborn in Nashville and even before I went into the film, I knew it was going to be good. The reasons were b/c there was a man outside heckling everyone who went inside. He was saying that we following the devil and that we were being brain washed. I asked the man if he had seen the film or had talked to the director. He said no, that he didn’t need to that he knew this was of the devil. So, I was jazzed. I had seen the first one and was looking forward to more testimonies of Jesus and his goodness on this earth. I was not disappointed. My favorite part or thing that happened in the film was part about a Muslim man who was awakened by the Lord in the night and from that encounter, then started following Jesus. There were many other stories but this was my fav! I love hearing the testimony of Jesus and his work on this earth. I love that this is documented and that it is not in America. I love seeing the other side of the world and just being exposed to them and God at work there…Thanks you!!!!

  • Zoe Ochwango

    I watched this movie, tears rolled down my eyes while watching all through..after finishing at around 1am, I said I’ve got to win someone to Christ…I left the house, met three boys smoking, close to the beach and lead the to Christ!!!!


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